Humboldt offers thought through advisory and reliable cooperation right at the heart of operations in any step of a process.

Working style is pragmatic with emphasis on goal focused feasibility (macro and micro perspective).

Where simply reliable management ressources or leadership skills is needed Humboldt can temporarily provide PMO or management services.


Strategic Alliances Joint Ventures 

  • feasibility check
  • designing cooperation structure
  • building focused and supportive organizational set-up and integration
  • identifying potential partners and creating real opportunities
  • assist in initiating and negotiating Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • coordinate or moderate joint business planning

M&A | Post Merger Integration (PMI)


  • developing a M&A Strategy
  • screening of target and strategic logic
  • deal origination
  • coordination of the due diligence (dd) process
  • evaluation of dd findings (incl. PMI dd) and recommendation of risk mitigation
  • synergy management
  • PMI analysis and planning
  • implementing the subsequent postmerger integration


  • identifying best approach to exit
  • sell-sides and buy-side planning and implementation
  • design of target structure
  • action tracker building and management
  • fact book collection and assessment
  • TSLA negotiaton
  • Day One requirements and transition management
  • cutover management
  • ensure engagement and alignment 
  • change management

Project Management Office (PMO)


  • providing on- or off-side project office services
  • managing planning and execution end-to-end
  • milestone monitoring
  • steering approval process
  • project monitoring and controlling "in-time and budget" 
  • coordinate interdisciplinary teams