Humboldt supports with thought through advisory and reliable cooperation right at the heart of operations in any step of a process for example in:

  • achieving brakethrough in deadlock situations or negotiate successfully from inferior position
  • safeguarding success of their strategy implementation through balanced mix of methodical and practical approach
  • developing their business and organisation in unique growth opportunities
  • optimizing their business portfolios
  • reshaping their businesses through M&A and Post Merger Integration
  • sourcing of business development opportunities for international advantage
  • using collaborative networks and alliances to re-position their market stake

Services are designed to combine in-depth expertise and experience with close interaction, cooperation, flexibility and focus on agreed goals. Working style is pragmatic with emphasis on feasibility with both a macro and micro perspective. Working conflict-free means also at times to recommend "NO" when advising on a M&A transaction, Joint Venture etc.

In troubled situations Humboldt can help its clients achieving separation via carve out, divestiture, etc. if necessary even through a special distressed M&A process working with other experts (e.g. bankruptcy lawyers) in a timely manner, different from traditional M&A to maximize returns and secure value creation of core businesses.

In some cases experienced clients simply need reliable management ressources or leadership skills to manage a complex and time consuming program in order to ensure focus on critical business continuity. In this case Humboldt can temporarily provide PMO or management services.


External Growth Strategies and Alliances & Joint Venturing

  • evaluate atractiveness of entering new markets
  • market and competitve analysis
  • feasibility check and scenario management
  • business master planning
  • building focused and supportive networks
  • defining strategic rationale of partnerships
  • identifying potential partners and creating real opportunities
  • assist in initiating and negotiating Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • coordinate or moderate joint business planning
  • etc.

M&A | Post Merger Integration


  • developing a M&A Strategy
  • screening of target and strategic logic
  • deal origination
  • coordination of the due diligence (dd) process
  • evaluation of dd findings (incl. PMI dd) and recommendation of risk mitigation
  • identification and valuation of synergies
  • determination of maximum or minimum price value using driver based and scenario driven cash flow models
  • PMI analysis and planning
  • ensuring closing a deal

  • implementing the subsequent postmerger integration

  • etc.

Strategic Restructuring, Transformation, Carve Out

  • systematic analysis of the corporate portfolio, identifying strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities (SWOT)
  • promote transparency and understanding of the facts and key constraints
  • ensure engagement and alignment of key team
  • evaluate core and non core businesses
  • identify short-term cash flow improvement or allocation of funds to most viable business
  • develop performance improvement plan
  • apply change management, Design Thikning, Business Coaching and culturural methods
  • identifying best approach to exit 
  • initiation of exit
  • etc.

PMO - Project Management Office


  • providing on- or off-side project office services
  • managing execution of before mentioned processes end-to-end
  • set up and/or managing a monitoring, review and approval process, stringently to achieve desired goals
  • managing a set of initiatives or an integrated program
  • project monitoring and controlling "in-time and budget" Management
  • coordinate interdisciplinary teams